Doppelgänger Alert: Can You Tell The Difference?

Kate in Body Paint
Kate Upton bares all in nothing but paint.
Meet Ania, Kate Upton’s lookalike.

Back in February, Upton set the world abuzz with her second Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition cover, baring her bosom in nothing but a parka despite the bone-chilling temperatures of Antarctica. Now a Russian doppelgänger has tongues wagging after mimicking the widely recognizable snap.

“Me as Kate Upton,” tweeted Ania, a self-described mail-order bride in training, along with the photo. Admittedly impressed, Upton soon retweeted the snap of her likeness, applauding it as “amazing.”

The Internet quickly flew into a frenzy, catapulting Ania into something of an (NSFW) online sensation. And in response, the seemingly scared-off buxum blonde — who gained several hundred followers amid the hoopla — has since privatized her Twitter account.

While her 15 minutes of fame may have come and gone already, many are left wondering — or even hoping — if Ania could have inspired the female masses to hop on a new meme bandwagon: Upton-ing. (For now, Upton fans will have to make do with this).

Now you be the judge of Kate Upton vs. her copycat.

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