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Mila's On-Screen Kisses
Mila Kunis' steamiest onscreen smooches.
No doubt many men would find themselves fumbling for words if they were ever to come face-to-face with Hollywood leading lady Mila Kunis.

Such was the case for bumbling BBC radio rookie reporter Chris Stark, who he sat down with the actress as she promoted her new film, Oz the Great and Powerful, in London. But after Stark admitted to being “petrified” because he had “never done this before,” Kunis showed her sympathetic side by guiding the starstruck superfan through the interview.

“How are you feeling?” she asked, turning the tables on her interviewer. “It’s not that bad, it’s not that scary…. What about this is frightening to you? Tell me.”

In the viral YouTube viral, which has racked up nearly a half million views, Kunis and Stark barely discuss the star’s big-screen role in the new Disney film — apart from the actress spewing off a few stunted tidbits about her on-screen character Theadora. Instead, talk turns to “lad bombs,” Blue Moon, watching Watford football, chicken eateries and “Baywatch.”

“This is ridiculous,” Stark insists, as the pair hatch a plan to eat Nando’s chicken, catch a football match and throw back beers. But when Stark tries to return to his “proper questions” about Oz, Kunis resists will all her megastar might.

“Why? This is way more fun for me. I have to tell you. Please,” she exclaims. “This is the best interview I’ve had today.”

So here’s Celebuzz‘s top five takeaway moments from Kunis’ so-called “best” sitdown.

Shots, Shot, Shots!
Kunis: “Do you get a free drink out if it?” she asks. “I hope so,” he admits. “I hope so, too, buddy. You’re doing a fantastic job. I hope you get a whole round of…what do you like? Whiskey?”
Stark: “Jägerbombs.”
Kunis: “Jägerbombs? That is disgusting.”
Stark: “Well me made this drink — I don’t know if I can say this — but we got these lad bombs. You know like where you put Jäger into the Red Bull? We do a shot of Jäger into a double vodka Red Bull.”
Kunis: “Oh my God. That sounds like the worst drink ever.”

The Big Question
Kunis: “You’re going to ask me to go with you to this wedding?”
Stark: “I was just wondering.”
Kunis: “Well I’ve gone to a Marine Ball so what’s another? Apparently I just say yes to everything. When’s the wedding?”
Stark: “I think it’s June.”
Kunis: “I’m actually working. I’m not kidding. I’m doing a movie.”

Meet The Gang
Stark: “The lads would love you. You’d really get along with [them]. One of my mates, Sir Daucer…”
Kunis: “Sir Daucer?”
Stark: “Yeah, he writes music.”
Kunis: “His name is Sir Daucer? I love him already.”
Stark: “Yeah, there’s Sir Daucer, The Convict, Chengo The Beast…”
Kunis: “You are awesome. Like, these are your friends? I love it.”

Bottoms Up!
Kunis: “Pints I get. Pints I like. What’s your favorite beer?”
Stark: “Well, well …”
Kunis: “I like Blue Moon. Do you have that?”
Stark: “No, no, no, we haven’t got that. I’ve never even heard of that.”
Kunis: “What?! Listen. I’m going to come, you’re going to show me football and I’m going to show a blue moon.”
Stark: “How quickly can you neck a pint?”
Kunis: “Oh, pretty fast. I used to bartend. I can also pour a pint with no foam. What? You didn’t know that about me, did ya?”
Stark: “You should work at the football club…that would be epic.”

“Drop Trou”
Stark: “Have you ever dropped trou at a wedding?”
Kunis: “Drop trout?”
Stark: “No, we drop trou. I don’t know if you do this in America; it might just be a U.K. thing. But we put on Baywatch and we just talk all our clothes off and dance around.”
Kunis: “Did you know that I was on Baywatch twice?”
Stark: “Were you? I didn’t know.”
Kunis: “I was. Once I played a young girl running to get help because her classmates are drowning. And the second time I played a blind girl who gets lost in the forest. Face”

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