Whitney Houston’s Private FBI Files Released Online

Whitney Through the Years
A look back at Whitney Houston's life.
A 128-page document was released online Monday detailing three investigations in which the FBI looked into the life of late singer Whitney Houston.

As detailed by the Los Angeles Times, the three cases occurred between 1988 and 1999. Two involved obsessive plans; the other involved an extortion case that was ultimately settled through an undisclosed payout and a nondisclosure agreement.

In the first file, an unnamed fan from Vermont reportedly sent about 70 fan letters to Houston and her associates over a 17-month period.

“I might hurt someone with some crazy idea and not realize how stupid an idea it was until after it was done,” read one of the letters. (The FBI ultimately determined the fan was threatening to hurt her reputation, not cause any physical harm.)

The other fan, a man from the Netherlands, had sent Houston audio tapes of songs he had recorded.

“During the interview, the subject claimed to be the ‘President of Europe’ and to have purchased Brazil for 66 billion dollars. “He also claims credit for the fall of the former South African government and for the election of Nelson Mandela,” the investigation states.

To read the full report, click here.

Houston died Feb. 11, 2011, after she was discovered in the bathroom of her Beverly Hilton hotel room. Her cause of death was eventually determined to be from drowning, cocaine overdose and coronary artery disease.

She was 48.