You'll Soon Be Seeing A LOT More Of Pauly D

"The Jersey Shore" star is going "Back To Love" with a brand-new music video.

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Pauly D is ready for his closeup.

The Jersey Shore star just filmed his very first music video for the single “Back To Love,” featuring crooner Jay Sean -- and Celebuzz is taking you behind the scenes of the fashion show-themed clip.

“[This is] really exciting stuff right now,” Pauly said while on location at Siren Studios in Hollywood, Calif.

And it certainly should be: he's had his hands in virtually every part of the video-making process.



“The whole entire concept, from the extras to the models -- everything," he said. “It’s a tough job picking out beautiful women."

Yeah, buddy!

“It’s a runway show," added Pauly, who just signed a new residency deal at Aria hotel in Las Vegas. "It's got a back-to-love theme."

He even offered a possible spoiler. Said the DJ-turned-musician: “We might be in love with one of the models. I dunno -- you have to watch it.”

To get an exclusive look at the "Back to Love" shoot, watch the clip above. Then check out our  interview with his stylish co-star Jay Sean, below. And be sure to tell us: will you be buying Pauly D's record?


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