Is Another Celebrity Wedding On The Horizon?

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Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis may be ready to turn their one-year relationship into something a bit more permanent.

“Marriage looks promising,” a family friend told Celebuzz.

As we previously reported, 35-year-old Kutcher filed for divorce from Demi Moore — his wife of six years —  just a few days before Christmas. And the timing of the official split is a significant sign of Ashton’s commitment to Kunis, according to our source.

“Part of Mila’s Christmas gift was Ashton filing for divorce and showing that he really does love her,” the insider said. “He filed for divorce while he was home in Iowa for the holidays and had family around to support him.”

The couple even spent an entire month together in Kutcher’s hometown of Cedar Rapids.

“They rented a cabin in North Liberty [Iowa], where it’s more rural and a bit more private,” the source said. “He never did that with Demi.”

It certainly seems as though Kunis is ready to settled down. She recently revealed to Marie Claire that she’s prepared to give up her jet-setting lifestyle. “I want to explore other parts of this industry to see what aspects of it I can get myself into, so that I can… work out of home maybe?” she told the mag. “Like producing. Then I can have, like, a life, in one location.”

The 29-year-old already has a headstart with the Kutcher clan, who’ve welcomed her with open arms. In fact, Kutcher’s nephew even calls her “Aunt Mila.”

“Jackson loves her and talks about her all the time,” said the insider. “She’s very playful and attentive with him. And the funny thing is, no one is telling him not to call her that — so they are obviously very comfortable with her and she’s basically already part of the family.”

Do you think Mila and Ashton will make it to the altar? Give us your predictions in the comments section.

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