Justin Bieber Is Having The Worst Week Ever

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Justin's New Tattoo
Justin Bieber posts new tattoo pic on Twitter.
Even famous people are capable of having a bad day.

Or, in the case of Justin Bieber, a very, very bad week.

The uber-famous star has been dealing with criticisms, disappointed fans and more ever since his 19th birthday party went horribly wrong last Friday in London. In fact, it’s already gone down as the worst trip Across the Pond since that time Mitt Romney came to town and everyone got upset.

So what the heck happened to poor ol’ Biebs? And, more importantly, when is the bleeding going to stop?

Check out the timeline of events, below, then share your condolences in the comments.

It all started with a tweet.

And everyone thought it was about Lil Twist getting pulled over in Bieber’s car.

But then reports circulated that his party at London’s Cirque du Soir ended in five minutes.

And then his fans got all sad and defensive, thinking the paparazzi was to blame again.

And then Cirque du Soir got all mad, alleging that Bieber tried to get underage people like Jaden Smith, 14, into the club.

And then Bieber got mad. Really mad.

And then Jaden went from Bieber to Kylie Jenner, because, why not?

And his fans went from sad and defensive to mad and impatient, because Bieber showed up late to his concert.

And then Bieber got kind of sad.

And now we’re kind of sad, too.

Cheer up, Biebs! There’s nowhere to go but up.

We still love you Biebs. Yours, Celebuzz.