‘Revenge’ Cast Teases 4 Things To Expect This Season

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'Revenge' Recap
It's not a Hamptons wedding without a death -or two.
Revengehit a boiling point just before it went off on hiatus. But, the soapy ABC series returns on Sunday.

The cast and producers attended “An Evening With Revenge” presented by The Academy of Television Arts and Sciences in North Hollywood on Monday where they dished on Season 1 and what to expect on Season 2.

When it returns, we’ll see the aftermath of Amanda’s (Margarita Levieva) watery death and how that strengthens Emily’s (Emily VanCamp) need for vengeance. And, we’ll apparently see a new side of the freshly widowed Jack (Nick Wechsler).

Here’s more of what we should expect on Revenge:

Get to know a young Victoria better: Revenge fans got to take a peek into Victoria’s past and how her mother played a role in making her the woman she is today. Creator and executive producer, Mike Kelley, says that Victoria’s backstory will become clearer. “We’ll see how she began to start fending for herself and how this woman was born.” And viewers won’t have to wait long, because Kelley says that it’ll come up on the episode they are shooting next.

An alternate fate for Victoria? Stowe seems to have her own theories on the show. Even though she plays a main character she confesses that there is still a lot to learn about Victoria. “I think she has a borderline personality disorder,” says Stowe, “I started going through this book and she has all the symptoms.” Stowe isn’t sure if that’s where Kelley is taking her character, but she thinks it’s a definite possibility for her villainous Victoria.

And Stowe’s theories don’t stop there, she’s even created her own ending for the series. “I actually have a fantasy for how the show would end,” she begins, “I have some kind of suicide because Emily’s driven me so insane. And Emily’s sitting in my chair in Grayson manor and she’s turned into Victoria.” But just like her first idea Stowe is still unsure on where the hit show will go next.

Aiden over the edge. Kelley teased a storyline for British hottie, Barry Sloane‘s character Aiden. “He’s going to get closer to revenge and be able to speak to what that feels like and it’s going to be really interesting.”

The love square. Aiden has been pretty worried about how far Emily will go in her manipulation of Daniel (Josh Bowman). Kelley also spills that Aiden is going to start think about how Emily and Jack (Nick Wechsler) fit together.

Revenge returns Sunday night at 9PM on ABC.

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