Should This Woman Be The Next Bachelorette?

'Bachelor: Women Tell All'
Here's rolling our eye at you, Tierra.
One of this season’s standout contestants on ABC’s The Bachelor wants to return to the small screen.

“No more tears — I would like to be the next Bachelorette,” Sarah Herron, who was left devastated when Sean Lowe rejected her on the show, told Celebuzz.

And Herron believes her special circumstances — she was born without her left arm — make her the perfect choice for the show.

“Because I’m different, it would give America another point of view,” she said. “Above all, I feel that I have a really funny side that I would like people to see. I don’t want them to think of me as this wailing pity party or anything.”

That’s not all: The Colorado-born native, who appeared on Monday night’s Women Tell All edition of The Bachelor, opened up about her time on the show — and this season’s villain, Tierra LiCausi.

“Look, I think Tierra was a victim of the situation in that her personality was not suited to getting on with all the other women,”  said the 26-year-old. “The situations were, she fell down the stairs. And with the hypothermia in the lake, these fed into that drama.

“I can honestly say I got on pretty well with her. All the ladies were good to me, and I had a lot of great times. They were like a supportive sorority.”

Herron even answered one question that’s been burning in viewers’ minds: “Tierra definitely was not engaged on the show, although she did talk about her former boyfriend to me,” she said.

And while the advertising exec wishes that she was the woman to accept the famous final red rose from handsome Texan Lowe, she believes he’s picked the right women as his final two.

“Honestly, I think that Sean has made good choices, and that both Catherine Giudici and Lindsay Yenter would make great wives,” she said. “They are both very adventurous and can make him laugh and are like his best friend, so I will be very interested to see who he picks.”

In the meantime, Herron is moving on — and still looking for love.

“I’m feeling good about my experiences from being on the show,” she said. “Although I’m still single, I’m open to all the possibilities before me.”

Would you like to see Sarah Herron as the Bachelorette? And who do you think Sean should pick: Catherine or Lindsay? Let us know in the comments section.

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