Watch: ‘We Were Damn Wrong’ In Being Late To NeNe Leakes’ Dinner Party

Tardy To The Party
Nene locks out 'RHOA' costars for being late to her house.
Better late than never? Not at Nene Leakes’ house.

After the reality star-cum-actress put down roots in Los Angeles, Calif., to work on her new sitcom, NBC’s The New Normal, her Real Housewives of Atlanta costars came to the West Coast to visit. But, all went awry when the women showed up late to Leakes’ “Welcome to L.A.” soiree, with the stone-cold hostess slamming the door in her friends’ faces. But, castmate Cynthia Bailey knew they had it coming.

“We were extremely late, I have to say,” Bailey told Celebuzz of the controversy. “I was probably the only girl who was kind of in contact with her most of the day and I knew her whole process she was going through [and] what she was planning. She really had laid it out for us.”

“So, she had every right to be upset,” she continued. “She dealt with it NeNe style — that’s what it was. But we definitely were damn wrong, I will say that.”

Though Bailey is self-admittedly “always on time,” she stood by her costars even as the clock ticked past the party’s start time.

“Everyone in the group is always late,” she explained. “I could have very easily said, ‘OK, it’s 8:30, you guys are not ready. I’m going to take a taxi and I’ll meet you guys at Nene’s.’ The reason I did not do that is because I kind of get a lot of flack ’cause NeNe and I are really tight, so whenever I’m around her I always get the, ‘Well, NeNe’s here now, you’re not really going to hang out with us.’”

So this time around, Bailey made a conscious effort to stand by her castmates. “I just wanted to make sure they didn’t feel like once we got to L.A. that it was going to be all about Nene for me,” she said. “So, I stayed with the team, I went with the team, and I got kicked out with the team.”

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