5 Stories You May Have Missed This Morning

Bieber's 'Worst' Week
JB's 19th birthday wasn't the only bad thing this week.
Miley's New Manager
Miley hires Britney Spears' longtime music manager.
Listen to JT crooned about Jessica Biel on his new track.
Demi Moore fights back at Ashton Kutcher in new divorce filing. Miley Cyrus spotted without her engagement ring. And, is Justin Bieber having a meltdown?

Celebuzz has the scoop on the top five trending stories of Thursday morning.

Is Justin Bieber Having A Meltdown?

The 19-year-old singer seems to be going through a rough path lately, facing criticism from the media and even his own fans. Read his latest rant on Newser.

Demi Moore Fights Back At Ashton Kutcher

It’s been a year since they first split and nearly three months since Kutcher filed for divorce, but Moore has reportedly decided to file her own paperwork. Why is she filing now? Get the scoop on Huffington Post.

Miley Cyrus Spotted Without Engagement Ring

Despite denying reports that her wedding to Liam Hemsworth is off, Cyrus was spotted not wearing her engagement ring. See the pics on TMZ.

Demi Lovato’s Half-Sister Revealed

Lovato revealed that she discovered in 2012 that she has an older half-sister. She’s not the only celebrity to have strange family drama. Read the full story on FOX News.

How Much Justin Timberlake Swag Will $500 Buy You?

Not much, according to SPIN, who reports that Timberlake is trying to sell a $499 package that will get you a couple t-shirts, posters and buttons.