‘American Idol’ Results Recap: Meet The Top 10

'Idol' Top 10 Guys
Did they rise to the challenge of the girls?
Thursday’s episode of American Idol left some contestants broken-hearted and made others’ dreams come true. The FOX show debuted its first live results show of the season with 10 finalists making it to the Hollywood homestretch.

Mariah Carey looks especially good at the judges’ panel. Nicki Minaj does, too. Keith Urban seems more excited than the contenders and Randy Jackson looks a bit nervous to me.

They’re the last to learn who will make it through, as they have not been informed of the voting results.

The guys are nervous and rightly so. It’s too bad they’re still splitting spots evenly between men and women.

It would be interesting to see how the final 10 would shake out without those pesky parameters. My guess is they would end up with an extremely uneven lineup, in favor of the girls.

If this results show is any indication of how the season will go, I think we’re in for a winner! If you ask me, America really got it right.

So, who made the cut?

Paul Jolley is first to steal a seat in the Top 10. As soon as Ryan Seacrest announces the news, I know I’m in for some shockers. He’s one of my least favorite guys. He sings a victory song and I’m bored. Get on with the results!

Burnell Taylor is next to get good news. It’s no surprise he’s going to Hollywood. He’s one of the best guys in this game. The judges are ecstatic to welcome him back to the stage. He sings “Ready For Love“ by India Arie and it’s flawless. His look is better than last night, too. Thank goodness.

Curtis Finch, Jr. makes it through next. He was a sure thing in my opinion. The soulful singer picks John Legend’s“So High,” and brings the house down again. He’s really good. Randy agrees, saying, “You’re one of the best singers in this whole thing, and every time we’ve seen you, you have not disappointed.”

Devin Velez is safe, as well. Nicki loves his connection to Spanish-speaking people. “I think you should stay in that lane,” she says.

Lazaro Arbos takes the last spot. I’m so relieved and so is he. He makes a smart move by choosing “Bridge Over Troubled Water,” the first song that captured our hearts weeks ago. Mariah looks so proud when she tells him, “Every time you get on the stage, you seem to have grown, whether it’s your confidence or everything. America’s watching, and they love you.”

Vincent Powell, Nick Boddington, Cortez Shaw, Elijah Liu, and Charlie Askew are going home.

One will have the chance to earn a spot on the post-season tour when they compete against the sixth girl next week. I’m rooting for Cortez and Elijah. Both had real potential and I’m sad to see them go.

It’s finally time for the girls to learn their fate.

Country cutie, Janelle Arthur finally gets through, after three tries at the Idol stage. Looking overjoyed, she sings Dierks Bentley’s“Home” and nails it. Nicki loves it, saying, “You came alive today. This is the best you’ve ever sounded.”

Candice Glover seems surprised to learn she’s staying. Maybe she’s just being modest, because there was no doubt in my mind. She chooses Mary J. Blige’s “I’m Going Down.” The judges are delighted at America’s choice. “This girl can really, really sing!” exclaims Randy. “That was unbelievable! We all love you. Congratulations.”

Angie Miller is next to make the cut. She’s in tears when she starts to sing Beyonce’s “I Was Here.” Keith is welling up too. “All you needed was a break, a chance for America to hear you and know who you are… You’re so ready to go, baby, I’m so happy for you.” Sweet.

Now that we’re down to the final two, I’m getting a little antsy. I’m certain one spot is for Kree, but I’m uncertain about the other.

It goes to Amber Holcomb. I had a hunch. She’s just so pretty. She looks a bit surprised when she gets the good news and sings Chaka Khan’s“I’m Every Woman.”

Kree Harrison sings Susan Tedeschi’s “Evidence,” after earning the final spot. Was there any doubt that she would? She’s going far for sure.

That means Aubrey Cleland, Tenna Torres, Adriana Latonio, Breanna Steer, and Zoanette Johnson are heading home too. Nothing too surprising there.

Take a look at the first photo of the Top 10 below.

American Idol Season 12 top 10

Did America get it right? You tell us, voters!

Re-watch Charlie Askew’s top 20 performance again below.

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