Chris Brown Slams Drake, Surprise Surprise

Soon after Chris Brown fought with a valet — over a paltry $10 — he unleashed a verbal assault directed at his arch-nemesis, Drake, while on a stage at a Hollywood nightclub.

According to eyewitness at The Emerson Theatre during the early hours of Thursday morning, Brown took to the stage and “requested the microphone to speak to the crowd.”

“The DJ had Drake’s song “From The Bottom To The Top” cued up and Chris immediately told the DJ to stop playing the music,” the onlooker told Celebuzz.

Addressing the crowd, Brown then shot out: “The DJ can play this sh*t, but I want you all to know…. f*ck Drake!”

You’ll recall: Brown, 23, and Drake, 26, were both caught in bottle throwing cross-fire at a New York City nightclub last summer.

“Many on the dance floor started giving Chris the middle finger,” the source added, of the Drake diss.

Brown — who is again dating on-again, off-again paramour Rihanna – then proceeded freestyle rap and perform an ensemble of about five songs. At one point, the source said, Miami Dolphins star Reggie Bush even ran up on stage to take the microphone, “acting as Brown’s hype man.”

During his wild night out, Brown was seen dressed in a Miami Hurricanes baseball jersey, drinking Ace of Spades Rose and ordering vodka all night.

At one point, he ordered six bottles of Rose, costing more than $10 thousand.

CB! blogger Snooki weighs in on Chris Brown, in the video, below.

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