Courtney Stodden Goes Shopping In Barely-There Skirt (PHOTOS)

The 18-year-old bride reveals all -- almost -- in her latest skin-happy ensemble.

Oh dear.

Courtney Stodden, everyone's favorite skin-happy teen bride, took her outrageous fashion to a new level this week on a shopping trip that had her wearing a tan tank top, a black bow -- and not a whole lot else.

The 18-year-old starlet, who shot to fame last year when she married Doug Hutchison at age 16, specifically turned heads in a barely-there black skirt, which showed off her legs and left little else to the imagination.

To complete the look, Stodden put on her signature platform heels -- gold, this time -- which were so tall, she had to be helped down a flight of steps by her doting 52-year-old mate.

And speaking of Hutchison: The Green Mile actor recently stepped behind the camera for a photo shoot, in which he had his doting wife pose as a seductive school girl. The photo set, obtained exclusively by Celebuzz, can be seen in its full glory, below.

If all of this doesn't scream "love" to you, we don't know what else could.

What do you think of Stodden's latest ensemble? Check it out in the gallery, above, then sound off in the comments.



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  • UGH

    She is total white trash!

  • Michelle

    I see a skirt. Just a mini one.

  • ladyanne

    She sure got a lot of exposure for that bag some company sent her to advertise.

  • Nicole

    What she is doing is called acting out, which is very often the result of some form of sexual abuse. Not saying that's the case with Courtney, but her precocious provocative behavior as an under-aged teen was textbook.

  • Pam

    I saw a picture without all the crap on her face and believe it or not, she is really pretty. So sad that she can't be happy with her natural self and has to dress and act like a hooker to get attention. Wasting her youth on trying to look like an old woman.

  • dirtyturtle23

    Thats an insult to strippers everywhere

  • SoSad

    this poor child is so screwed up. lindsay logan wanna be. another girl i feel sorry for. something is missing inside these girls.

  • Suzanne

    I wonder when she is forty if she will look back and have regrets about how she spent her youth? She looks forty now. She should be a fresh faced young teen instead of the hussie looking old hag that she looks like now. Poor thing.

  • Chweener

    Everytime you see a photo of these two, he is wearing the same creepy outfit. Ick! Screams horny old man. The beanie just completes it. Weird couple!

  • Jessica Rowoldt
    Jessica Rowoldt

    She looks like a stripper. Eww.