Jeff’s Dad, Puppets And 5-Year Seniors

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Despite a four-month delay, a time slot change and the loss of the series creator, NBC’s Community shows no signs of slowing down storywise.

Community entered its fourth season celebrating… literally. With numerous holiday episodes airing in February and March instead of their intended October and November air dates, the timing might be off but the comedy is definitely not.

On Tuesday, executive producers Moses Port, David Guarascio, Tristim Shapeerp and Russ Krasnoff and the comedy’s cast attended PaleyFest 2013 at the Saban Theatre in Beverly Hills.

Here are four things they said we should expect this season:

1. The guest stars. Season 4 has an impressive list of guest stars ranging from Eugene Levy to Jason Alexander. However, when asked who they most enjoyed working with, almost every castmember had something amazing to say about legendary actor James Brolin. He plays a very anticipated role of Jeff’s father, who abandoned him when he was a child, on Thursday’s episode.

Joel McHale (who plays Jeff Winger) told Celebuzz, “James Brolin knocks it out of the park, playing my father. He has this ability to make girls of all ages swoon and men instantly jealous.”

Jeff’s “daddy issues” has been a recurring theme on the past three seasons of the show, and after some major interfering; Britta (Gillian Jacobs) has found a way to bring them together. This episode is going to be a must see, especially because Workaholics star Andy DeVine also guest stars as Jeff’s stepbrother.

2. The Freaky Friday episode. Episode 10 is an extra-special episode, because it was written by a member of the cast. Jim Rash, who stars as the flamboyant and loveable Dean Pelton, wrote the episode that McHale calls “one of the best we’ve ever done.” The episode is said to resemble Freaky Friday, but with a twist.

When asked, Dani Pudi, who plays fan favorite Abed Nadir, said Episode 10 is what he is most excited about this season. “The first thing I am most excited about is that it’s Jim’s episode. For us to see someone who is part of the study group… someone that has more and more dresses than anybody, including women, to work with him as a writer, is awesome. I felt like there was a different energy that week. It was super fun. And the episode is just super fun, very much like a good old fashion community episode with some good Troy, [Donald Glover] and Abed weird-ness, which is something I love.”

Rash also won an Oscar in 2012 for co-writing the screenplay adaptation of the feature film, The Descendants.

3.  There will be puppets. Community is known for its creative comedy, and this season is no exception. This April, the Community cast will take on puppet form on an episode entitled “Intro to Felt Surrogacy.” And the PaleyFest audience got a first look the puppet study group, as well. Castmember Yvette Nicole Brown, who plays the lovable house mom Shirley Bennett, could hardly contain her excitement as she told Celebuzz, “Its my favorite thing that’s happened, right next to Malcolm- Jamal Warner playing my husband.”

Puppets are not the only exciting aspect of this episode. Seinfeld legend, Jason Alexander will also guest star on the episode.

4. Possible Graduation Plans. Typically, college students graduate with a degree after four years. However, we all know Greendale community college is anything but typical. When asked if any members of the study group would be graduating this season, EP Guarascio said, “We will see how it goes. You know, everyone is at their own pace, like is often the case with community college. So, stay tuned.”

Although the entire cast is hoping for a fifth season, producers and cast members alike are still in the dark about whether or not NBC will pick it up for another year.

Community airs Thursdays at 8PM on NBC. Watch a preview below.

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