Watch: Chris Brown’s Latest Feud Was Over 10 Bucks

RiRi & Chris at Grammys
It's official: Rihanna and Chris Brown are back together.
Chris Brown got into another heated scuffle on Wednesday — this time, over a $10 parking charge.

In video obtained by TMZ, the R&B singe is seen yelling at the valet at PINZ bowling alley after he was told he couldn’t get his car until he paid a $10 service charge.

Sources tell TMZ Brown — who was there for a charity event — was ticked about the charge because he had stayed at the alley for a mere 30 minutes. Eventually, though, the 23-year-old paid and went about his way.

Brown, of course, has a noted — and rather violent — history when it comes to feuds. He was recently involved in an altercation with Frank Ocean; that scuffle also took place in a parking lot. There was also that time that Brown and his circle got into a bar fight with Drake and his circle; it led to the shutting down of a New York City nightclub.

And then there was the whole Rihanna thing, which we won’t even get into right now.

Check out Brown’s parking-lot melee in the video, above. Ugh.

UPDATE: TMZ on Thursday obtained additional footage from the incident, which clearly shows Brown threatening the valet with violence.

“We gon’ turn this whole spot up, I promise you,” he says to the valet.

Watch the video, below.

[WARNING: Video contains explicit language.]

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