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What did Celebuzz readers have to say last week?
It may have been the “worst week ever” for Justin Bieber, but it was a great week for discussion on Celebuzz.

While you had a lot to say about the never-ending circus that was “Biebergate” this week, you also offered some great commentary about Miley Cyrus and the MTV Movie Awards nominations.

We would now like to share a few of your comments submitted during the last week. It’s our way of thanking you for all of your insightful, hilarious contributions to Celebuzz.

Each and every Friday, we’ll feature a roundup of our favorite reader comments. If you would like to be featured next week, simply leave comments on your favorite stories.

Read our favorite comments after the jump.

Here are some of our favorite reader comments of the week:

“I would sit right on Zooey Deschanel’s butt, grab her legs, and tickle her feet till kingdom come!” – Morgan Barnes, a Zooey Deschanel fan with some quite-specific desires.

“Another celebrity learns the hard way that living for the media’s attention is asking for trouble.” – repeter, on Miley Cyrus’ decision to quit Twitter (again).

“The MTV snub was very disrespectful to the fans. The decision by MTV, given some of those ultimately nominated, makes no sense and can only be categorized as intentional. Pretty pathetic given the support of the fans over the years.” – Robsten fan Gigi, who, like us, is disappointed by the MTV Movie Awards nominations.

Most of this week’s discussion, however, centered around Justin Bieber’s “worst week ever”:

“Kid is a punk a– that needs to have his a– set straight. His people won’t do it because they don’t want to bite the hand that feeds them. I find it amusing that various celebrities take it upon themselves to ream him out.” – imagen, who approves of Nicole Scherzinger’s remarks.

“He should put on another free concert for all those he let down! Just have them bring their ticket stub and put on another concert for them. What a little spoiled brat.” - jacki, who has an idea about how Justin can make up for his show’s late start.

“Wow, cut the kid a break, he is after all a KID and they do stupid things sometimes, and I have to believe that him starting a concert that late probably didn’t have anythng to do with him personally, seems to me he needs to think twice about who is handling his career…and yea the free concert idea is a good one.” – level-headed Amy, who understands that kids sometimes make mistakes.

“Wilde’s just jealous because he’s got bigger ta-tas than she does.” – GoinWilde4Olivia, who puts Olivia Wilde’s comments in perspective.

That’s all for this week, folks. If you would to be featured next week, all you need to do is leave comments on your favorite Celebuzz articles.

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