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Justin Bieber’s bestie is back to wreaking havoc behind the wheel.

With the teen pop phenom across the pond for his Believe tour, his pal Lil Twist has wrecked Bieber’s Fisker Karma. While driving the shiny luxury sports sedan around the San Fernando Valley, Calif., on Tuesday, the rapper, 20, crashed into cement poles on the property of a liquor store, according to TMZ. Not only were the poles banged on, but the collision left the front-end of the Fisker badly damaged.

Then, in a bizarre twist of events, a BMW arrived on the scene. The driver reportedly instructed Lil Twist and his passengers to pile in all the car parts that fell off the Fisker into the BMW, to which they complied. Then all the men hoped into the Beemer and drove off, whisking away with them the damaged car parts.

TMZ reports that Lil Twist left the scene of the accident without exchanging information with the owner of the damaged property, which is in fact a crime.

But that’s not the only trouble Twist has stirred up as of late. The rapper had his hand in making Bieber’s 19th birthday a bust. While the “Beauty and a Beat” singer faced party problems in London, his pal was making headlines across the pond after he was pulled over on the California 101 Freeway while driving Bieber’s luxury car on March 1. Though the California Highway Patrol stopped Twist for an unsafe lane change, the officers ended up issuing him a ticket for tinted windows, according to TMZ.

Back on New Year’s Day, Lil Twist took Bieber’s white Ferrari out for a spin, only to hit headlines when a paparazzo was killed while chasing the car. Christopher Guerra, who pulled over to try to snap a shot of the vehicle at a traffic stop, was struck as oncoming traffic in Los Angeles, Calif.

And Lil Twist was even implicated in Bieber’s recent pot-smoking scandal. The rapper was on hand when the Canadian crooner was snapped  holding what appears to be a marijuana blunt — a cleared out cigar packed with pot — at a Jan. 2 party in a Newport Beach, Calif., hotel room.

Tell us: Is Lil Twist a bad influence on Bieber? Share why in the comments.

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