Look: When Justin Bieber Attacks!

The singer got into a tiff with paparazzi at his London hotel after he was released from the hospital.



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  • Mimi

    trust me, he is amazing i went to his concet on the 8th and he has done nothing but amazing shows here in london the past week, why the press are making him out to be something hes not i do not know. he was provoked, and he didnt do anyone any harm he's onkly human, everyone gets angrey especially when some guy he being abusive towards you. so yh.. nuffsaid #belieber from one time to the last time,.

  • Belieber fromOneTimeToTheLast.
    Belieber fromOneTimeToTheLast.

    stfu stupid idiats. why you hating, as if your much better then him.. jel much? jheeze get al life, dont see your 34 billion fans?... so hush.

  • Britney

    i love you justin <3 and im proud of you

  • Britney

    i love you justin and keep standing up for yourself dont let the photographers call you those bad names and dont let them push you around!!!!

  • Britney

    justin bieber is amazing and im glad that he was just standing up for himself!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Britney

    i think justin bieber was just standing up for himself and if people were calling you those names you would do the same!!!! and im proud of justin for standing up for himself

  • HAHA

    he hasnt pull it up after something in the van tho. angry so forgot to pull it up.

  • NotABelieber

    I'll be glad when the next hot boy singer comes along and knocks Bieber off his perch.

  • Brutus Bugtussle
    Brutus Bugtussle

    He's filling in for Lindsey Lohan.. If he really wanted to get the pap, why didn't he knee the body guard in the nads and go for it?

  • Wendy Lam
    Wendy Lam

    leave him the fuck alone.. than he won't have anymore "bad weeks"

  • just

    wtf is this guy always doing with his pants???

  • Wa62

    Bieber seems to be having a break-down. He needs his family by his side. Seems to be out of control these days! Time to pick up your pants, wear a shirt and start acting like a decent young man....you really need to pick up the pants already....so played out!!!

  • jacki

    He must be drugging to keep up with his hectic schedule. Or he really misses Selena!

  • Liza


  • ada pollonais
    ada pollonais

    Amber, because that is how hens walk!! :)

  • amber

    why is he always walking bent over, ugh