‘Parenthood’ Cast Talks Makeups, Cancer, Adoption And A Season 5?

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The star discusses Mark and Sarah's relationship
To say that Parenthood tugs at the heartstrings would be a big understatement. The NBC show known for making their audience weep with the characters had the PaleyFest handing out tissues to the audience last night at the Saban Theater in Beverly Hills. The large panel, which consisted of the cast and creator, took the time to laugh and cry at the development of their characters.

Even though the event was full of amusement, the inevitable question of whether or not the show would be renewed for another season was on everyone’s mind. The very talented cast made it very apparent that they would not only love to continue the show, but they also explained ways that they would love to see their characters grow.

After listening to the cast’s ideas for character development, it’s safe to say that Parenthood fans will be begging NBC to give this show another season.

Here’s a snippet of the casts’ wishlist for their characters, hoping and assuming, that they get the picked up for Season 5.

Amber and Ryan. The season ended with the two finally getting back together after some time apart. Mae Whitman (who plays Amber Holt) told Celebuzz, “I hope Amber continues to grow and maybe gets married and explores what young marriage would be like. I think that’s a whole new level of responsibility that she’s probably not ready for, but you never know it could work.”

Drew going off to college. Parenthood is known for truly capturing the essence of parenthood. It captured the very strong aspect of having your child get accepted to college. Drew Holt (Miles Heizer) really developed as a character on this past season. The sex storyline and getting his girlfriend pregnant really forced the character to grow up. With college on the horizon, he’s going to have to experience a whole other side to being an adult. “With Drew going away for college, he’s going to have to grow up but also part of that, is making a bunch of bad choices especially when you’re sent to live alone for the first time.”

Sarah and Mark. Team Hank or Team Mark? That seemed to be the question Sarah (Lauren Graham) kept battling throughout the past season. Viewers watched as she shattered her engagement with Mark (Jason Ritter) to take on Hank (Ray Romano) and his overflowing personal baggage. Through the issues he faced, Mark continued to grow and Ritter wants to see more of that happen. “He really stood up for himself, he stood up for the relationship,” said Ritter. “I’d love to see him retain that and I’d also love to see Sarah come back and say I made a horrible, horrible mistake. I think Mark would pretend like he was thinking about it for a while and then take her back.”

The Grahams and Victor. Joel, Judy, Victor, and Syndey (played by Sam Jaegar, Erika Christensen, Xolo Mariduena, and Savannah Paige Rae) gave the audience a very honest, raw, and turbulent depiction of adoption. Fortunately last season ended with a light at the end of the tunnel, showing love and acceptance when the adoption was finalized. As for predictions of how Victor will adjust to the family in the hopeful upcoming season, Mariduena said, “Victor will definitely be more open to Joel and Julia and he will love his family from here on out.”

Cancer and the Braverman family. The story that really brought on the tears this past season was when Kristina (Monica Potter) was diagnosed with breast cancer and the battle she faced. She and Adam (Peter Krause) showed a family going through the struggle of staying strong when cancer strikes. Fortunately at the end of Season 4, Kristina was told that she fought the battle and was healthy again. Both Potter and Krause would love to see how this will play out in the hopeful next season.

The extremely gifted cast not only shared their predictions but also their jokes and beliefs of the show. Krause said, “I think that Parenthood is a good test to see if you’re emotionally OK. If you tune in to the show, Parenthood, and you don’t laugh a little bit, cry a little bit, you might be a sociopath.”

The big question has yet to be answered of whether or not the show will have a fifth season? In the meantime, maybe follow Max Burkholder’slead, “I’m crossing my fingers,” he tells CB!

Watch CB!’s chat with Jason Ritter at a BAFTA event below.

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