Here’s What Really Happened On Leo’s Tour Of Asia

Leo's Aussie Vacation
Leonardo DiCaprio parties down under with his pals.
Leonardo DiCaprio has had a very busy break.

Nearly two months after announcing that he was taking a hiatus from filming, the 38-year-old has been spotted all over Asia — a scene far from his usual hangout on a yacht or the beach with bikini babes.

Since touching down in Tokyo, Japan earlier this month, DiCaprio has done press conferences, video interviews and walked the red carpet: all in the name of Django Unchained.

Along the way, the movie star has impersonated Jack Nicholson’s eyebrows, suited up in a number of dapper ensembles and even invited his mother Irmelin DiCaprio along for the ride.

On Thursday, DiCaprio walked the red carpet solo for the film’s premiere in Seoul, Korea.

Here are some of the best moments from Leonardo DiCaprio’s Asia trip so far.

Leo’s airport fashion is simple: jeans, matching blue shirt and jacket, sunglasses and a newsboy cap. Here he is arriving in Narita, Japan.

Here’s Leo promoting Django Unchained with poster Leo in Tokyo.

There’s that cap again. And mama DiCaprio! Here they are touching down in South Korea. 

All this Django talk makes Leo thirsty.

Leo answers a question (in Korean, perhaps?) at a press conference in Seoul.

Serious Leo.

“Leo, sign my notebook, sign my phone . . . sign anything!”

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