Watch: Molly Sims Reveals How She Dropped 70 Pounds

Many women grow green with envy by supermodels — from Gisele Bündchen to Alessandra Ambrosio — who reclaim their world-famous figure just weeks after giving birth. But all the mere mortals should know it took more than the snap of two fingers for one of fashion’s most famous faces to bounce back.

“I gained over 70 pounds, so [after] I had to eat really lean and I had to watch every calorie,” Molly Sims told Celebuzz of slimming down after carrying her first child, now 8-month-old son Brooks. “I’m about four pounds away from my pre-baby weight. I will say it was not easy. I wish I could say I was eating M&Ms and McDonalds all day long, but I just wasn’t.”

But Sims doesn’t hold a grudge against those Hollywood new moms who slip back into their skinny jeans effortlessly.

“Don’t we hate them!” she teased. “It [can be] a struggle, but sometimes it’s not a struggle for some women. You look at Claire Danes, she was a month [after giving birth] up there winning her Emmy for Homeland — which she so deserved, by the way, she’s phenomenal. But some women just bounce back, and some women don’t.”

That’s why Sims is a firm believer is focusing on her own body — and forgetting about those of other new moms.

“The biggest advice I can [give] is don’t try to compare yourself, even though, trust me, I know you will. I did. Everyone does. But really try to put your eye on the goal and focus,” she explained. “She may have lost her 10 pounds, or she may have lost her 60 pounds, but just think about you and really keep goals. Just focus on trying to get that number to where you want it to be.”

But reaching that goal weight was a particularly long road for the first-time mom. As she stuck to a “really strict diet” post-pregnancy, Sims eventually learned she was suffering from a thyroid condition that made weight loss all the more of a challenge.

“I think like anybody, when you kind of know your body and you know something is off,” she said. “First of all, I had to get through doctors saying, ‘I think something’s wrong.’ And then finally, one doctor listened to me…. So I think, all the women out there, if you don’t feel good about yourself, it feels like you’re sick or something is wrong, speak up. Keep going, and keep asking questions.”

Along with her slimdown, Sims has also had to learn how juggle motherhood with looking camery-ready at every moment since welcoming her son last June.

“I’ve kind of got my routine down,” said Sims, who credits the POND’S Luminous line for helping her stay glam even during mommy duty. “I love the [POND’S Luminous] Towelettes. It’s something I can do quickly,” she explained, adding that she swears by dry shampoo and prenatal vitamins.

Though she has the parenting routine down pat, she’s not quite ready to expand her brood.

“I definitely want more children. I do, I do,” she said. “But I got married, and I got pregnant on my honeymoon, [so] I want to enjoy what I have and be able to soak him (Brooks) up.”

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