Watch: Gerard Butler Is ‘Kicking A**’

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Have a look back at Gerard Butler's many on-screen moments.
On March 22, Gerard Butler returns to the big screen in the action-packed drama Olympus Has Fallen, in which he plays a disgraced Secret Service agent called to duty again when the White House is infiltrated by North Korean terrorists.

The film mixes all of the elements of a good ol’ fashioned time at the movies — which is exactly how Butler described it when he stopped by the Celebuzz studio earlier this week.

“When [my character] gets in there, you want to see him kick some ass — and he does that,” the hunky Scottish actor, 43, revealed. “And there are a lot of funny moments. There’s definitely some cheering and laughing in the movie, as well.”

In addition to kicking some serious you-know-what, Butler — who teamed with Training Day director Antoine Fuqua on the project — says he enjoyed getting to the real-life agents who helped him get into character.

“Those guys are badass, and they’ve seen some serious stuff go down. Two of them that I worked with had been under presidential detail,” he said.

“They’re so excited about telling a story of them and what heroes they are and how they smart they are. They’re excited for what they do to be shown. They’re also excited they’re working on movies. They want to know all about movies and they really want to get involved in the process.”

For more on our exclusive sit-down chat with Gerard Butler, watch the videos (yes, videos!) in the playlist, above.

Don’t forget to check out Olympus Has Fallen on March 22nd, and use the Hashtag #OlympusHasFallen when talking about the film on Twitter.