6 Things To Expect From 'The Walking Dead'

AMC's post-apocalyptic show has a lot in store for its fans.

PaleyFest 2013
PaleyFest 2013: 'The Walking Dead'
'TWD' at PaleyFest
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Love, redemption and coming of age. Those were just a few of the things that the cast and producers of AMC's The Walking Dead teased during the red carpet for its recent PaleyFest 2013 appearance at the Saban Theatre in Beverly Hills.

Here are six things to expect from the AMC series.

1.) There's no place like home. But really, no place will ever be as comfortable as the homes that our favorite characters have left behind. Executive Producer Gale Anne Hurd told CB!, "They're going to find that there is no such thing as a safe haven." With the war approaching we might see the group at the prison back on the road and searching for refuge again.

2.) Zombies can't kill love. This is especially true for Glenn (Steven Yeun) and Maggie (Lauren Cohan). Yeun didn't hesitate to defend the couple. "I think you can't keep a love like that down," he told us. "Right now it's kind of set on this place of ego, selfishness and pride, but we'll see what happens." Hopefully the couple who kicks butt together, stays together.

3.) Rick's second wind. Now that the Rick-tatorship is falling down around, our troubled leader, played by Andrew Lincoln, said fans will see him come back to his senses. You probably cried when Rick's own son suggested he step down as leader of the group, but Lincoln looks at the moment as an opportunity. "I think that it's definitely jumpstarted Rick, not into considering the leadership, but to start getting his faculties together and really leading the group again," Lincoln said.

that I think is good."

5.) Keep an eye on Carl. The zombie apocalypse has hardened Carl (Chandler Riggs). The boy, who probably would have been just a normal kid if zombies hadn't happened, has been through some pretty tough times on Season 2 and 3. And Kirkman told us that Carl's story doesn't stop at shooting his mom and being scarily good at handling a gun. "We're going to go to some really exciting places with this kid," Kirkman teased. "This season is really just the beginning."

6.) Love is in the air. Daryl (Norman Reedus) and Carol (Melissa McBride) obviously share a special bond with each other. And while fans are waiting to see what happens between them, Reedus is having fun with their current situation. "I think that when a boy meets a girl, it's really awkward," he told CB. "And I think playing the awkward part of it is more interesting than making love against a tree." Could he be foreshadowing?

The Walking Dead airs Sundays at 9PM on AMC.

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