Should Michael Vick Be Allowed To Have A New Dog?

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Who said doggies are only man's best friend?!
Michael Vick, the NFL player who served 19 months in prison for running a dog fighting ring back in 2007, is back in the headlines again.

TMZ reports that Vick was spotted at dog training classes with his new pooch.

Should Vick be allowed to have a dog, and will he get himself into trouble again?

“From a legal perspective, when Vick was released from prison, they gave him probation, and he couldn’t have a dog,” according to Ryan Smith of HLN’s Evening Express. When that probation expired in May of last year, however, “he was free to get whatever he wanted.”

Vick’s new dog is a Belgian Malinois, known for their fighting potential and frequently used by military and police personnel.

Vick has defended his dog ownership, saying that this will help his rehabilitation, and that his kids wanted a puppy.

Once “you kill a dog, you don’t get to own another dog,” argues Smith. “The law lets him have one but, in this case, our laws need to change.”

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