Team Kyle Or Team Evan?

Fans are in for some provocative turns when The Client List returns to Lifetime for Season 2.

“Our goal was to push the envelope on everything. Just to amp it up a notch and I think we’ve done that,” series star and executive producer Jennifer Love Hewitt tells Celebuzz.

“I mean it’s a really jam-packed season,” she continues. “There’s some crazy stuff going on. There’s danger. There’s sex. There’s love. There’s temptation. There’s indecent happenings. There’s all kinds of things.”

That just about sums up why fans tune in to the drama about a single mother and former beauty queen who takes a job at a “massage parlor,” which serves up the, cough, happy endings to a select group of high powered men.

Hewitt dishes with CB! about some of the turns to come on Season 2.

1. Redemption for Kyle? Sunday’s season premiere picks right up where the finale left off – the authorities have honed in on Riley (Hewitt) and shifty husband Kyle (Brian Hallisay). What happens after that we can’t say. But, Hewitt spills that the result only makes it more difficult for Riley (and the viewers) to condemn her ex.

“I think that viewers will be surprised how much they might turn for Kyle,” she tells us. “You’ll find out why he was gone, what he was doing while he was gone, why he left. and whether or not you’ll forgive him for that, and whether or not Riley wants to forgive him for that. And at the end of the day, she’s married. And he’s the father of her kids.”

2. That doesn’t mean Evan (Colin Egglesfield) is out for the count. It’s certainly tough being in love with brothers. So, just because Kyle is back and needs her, that doesn’t mean her feelings for Evan evaporate.

“She loves Evan, so she really essentially loves two people and has to figure out what’s going to be best for her in the long run,” the 34-year-old says. “And I can’t say who she’s gonna choose, or if she’ll choose either one of them, but it will definitely be a struggle for her. But there’s also knowing that she keeps the biggest secret possible from both of them and if they found out, where would she be?”

3. Time to service the female clients…Expect some equal opportunities on Season 2 as the list expands to high-powered women. “We also bring in a male masseuse this year for female happy endings, because women should get theirs too,” Hewitt smiles.

4. The changing of the guard. Georgia (Loretta Devine) is back, everyone. For how long? Well, we can’t say. But, her reappearance will signal big changes for her life and Riley’s. “Georgia changes a lot,” Hewitt shares. “She really becomes a mirror for Riley on what happens after this life, what you choose, what you run up against.”

“As [Riley] gets caught in one life that turns into a million, Georgia’s trying to take her million lies and turn them into the truth,” she goes on to say. “So, they’ll both be in really interesting positions. Georgia will always be there to help Riley with the list but she won’t be as involved this year with the spa itself, which leaves more responsibility on Riley’s shoulders.”

The Client List returns for Season 2 on Sunday at 9PM on Lifetime.

Do you think you can become Team Kyle? What else excites you about what’s coming up on Season 2?

Watch below: Here’s a refresher on what went down on Season 1.

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