Welcome To The Club, JT

Justin Timberlake’s induction into the “Saturday Night Live” Five-Timers Club included blasts from the pasts, Jay-Z and the Harlem Shake.

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Steve Martin always thought that if an NSYNC member would make the club, it would be Joey Fatone.

That’s what the Saturday Night Live alum declared during this week’s opening monologue, as a bevy of past hosts and players greeted Justin Timberlake into his fifth appearance on the NBC show.

But beyond the fancy smoking jacket, things haven’t worked out that well for all SNL graduates. Dan Ackroyd is now a bartender (order the Kristen Wiig), Chevy Chase orders Rolls Royces on the phone (and bills them to Martin), and Alec Baldwin and Tom Hanks are into man fights these days (think of the scene where Jamie Foxx and Leonardo DiCaprio meet for the first time in Django Unchained).

Fellow member Candice Bergen also makes an appearance in the monologue: she wants the toilet seat up.

Timberlake’s fifth SNL stint (his third as both host and musical guest) was packed with other oldies but goodies, courtesy of Andy Samberg, the “Vegan Shake” and Martin and Ackroyd’s classic Festrunk Brothers.

In a matchmaker skit hosted by Bill Hader, a bachelorette (Vanessa Bayer) looks for love from potential suitors she can’t see. Timberlake and Samberg reprise their roles as the sideburn, “mother-loving," "D**k in a Box" duo, competing against a single Bobby Moynihan and a nostalgia-heavy appearance by the Festrunk Brothers from Czechoslovakia.

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Another JT oldie came by way of a new joint in town, Vegan Ville. Timberlake competes (and wins, by a landslide) against Moynihan’s meat establishment with some help from a tofu costume and sick beats.

Following an assortment of close-ups, the tofu starts off the “Vegan Shake.” Please let this gem be the final “Harlem Shake” tribute.

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JT’s evening came with mostly hits, including solid musical performances of “Suit & Tie” and a shortened version of “Mirrors.” His upcoming tour mate also dropped by. During the second verse, Timberlake slightly changed the lyrics to, "My hit's so sick got rappers acting dramatic," a sentence many believe is a jab at Kanye West (who dissed the track at a London concert back in February).

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Hader’s Stefon finally returned to “Weekend Update With Seth Meyers” to suggest good clubs for spring break, JT put on his Elton John face and delivered a “Candle In The Wind” inspired tribute for Hugo Chavez in the cold opening and the Three Amigos made a blink-and-you’ll-miss appearance when they introduced Timberlake’s second musical performance.

Melissa McCarthy will host SNL on Apr. 6, with musical guest Phoenix.

What did you think of SNL this week? Check out highlights in the video clips above, then watch Justin Timberlake’s spoof movie trailer with Nasim Pedrad below. 

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