Who’s The ‘Douchebag,’ Selena?

Selena Gomez and her girlfriends make another dance video, this time to Dustin Tavella’s single “Everybody Knows (Your Boyfriend is a Douchebag).”

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Is Selena Gomez’s latest dance video a message for her ex Justin Bieber?

On Saturday, the Spring Breakers actress shared a YouTube video of her and her girlfriends dancing to Dustin Tavella’s song “Everybody Knows (Your Boyfriend is a Douchebag).”

While Gomez fans wrap the weekend wondering if the video is a stab at the Biebs, one thing’s for sure: the girl can dance.

“Me and my girls just doin what we do…dancin! haha…All fun! Big thanks to @DustinTavella for making  sick anthem! And to @ChaeLynne for her amazing choreography : )” Gomez wrote along with the video.


“Everybody Knows” comes some three months after the 20-year-old superstar shared a video of the same group dancing to BFF Taylor Swift’s “I Knew You Were Trouble.”

Gomez is gearing up to attend the screening Spring Breakers at the 2013 SXSW festival this week. Over the weekend, the “Love You Like A Love Song” singer shared a personal snapshot from the plane.

Spring Breakers opens in New York and L.A. on Mar. 22, followed by a nationwide release on Mar. 29.

Check out the video, above of Selena Gomez dancing to “Everybody Knows.” Then tell us: do you think this is a message for Justin Bieber?

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  • secret

    Some people need to grow up and just let stuff go and let it be what they just did was childish and immature.

  • carrie

    she's just singing along to someone else's song. big deal. ur reading too much into this

  • donna107

    i was mostly focus Francia (secret life of an american teen).she actually was the best dancer there<3

  • anne

    Filthy music--filthy lyrics. Yeah, really impressive, Selena---