Here Are The Pros And Cons Of ‘Bachelor’ Sean’s Big Decision

'Lowe' Down on the Girls
The final two ladies on this season's The Bachelor
Dear Diary,

Tonight is the night that I have to choose my future wife. It’s crazy for me to think that this adventure is over but I know that my best friend is one of these two unbelievable women.

I started with twenty-six beautiful women and now I am left with Lindsay and Catherine. They are both fun, goofy, and have everything I am looking for in a partner. It is just so dang hard to pick between these two women.

So, I have written a pros and cons list to get my thoughts out on paper.


• Adventurous! She ate all those creatures in Thailand. And, um, that turned me on in all the right ways.
• We have the same goals in life.
• Her running me through some basic training drills was great. I want a lady I can work out with.
• Her body… WOW.
• Her family and I got along, GREAT!
• The way she dresses, dang. I love her style.


• She was wasted the first time I met her. That’s not a great first impression.
• She showed up in a wedding dress, SCARY!
• Even though she was the first woman I kissed, that was not my doing…
• She does this weird mouth thing where she scrunches up her lips. I don’t want to be mean, but I can’t imagine kissing her lips when she does that.
• Has Tierra-like eyebrows. And Tierra-like anything is frightening.
• I think I had the most fun with her when she was drunk. Sorry, Mom.
• She is a little predictable, I need some spontaneity, someone to keep on my toes.


• She thinks I’m beefy and hunky, which means she has eyes.
• I think she is smoking hot, which means I have eyes.
• She has traditional values
• She is fun, goofy, and I always have a good time with her.
• Did I say, she thinks I’m beefy?
• After meeting her, she told me to find her for a dance inside. I don’t know what it was about that, but that really got me going.
• That first kiss in LA = Amazing
• Throwing fish at Pike Place = FUN, FUN, FUN. I know I turned her on with my football skills!
• She sees both sides of me: romantic and fun.
• Wants to be seen and treated like a lady. A girl I can take home to mom, but underneath it all she’s wearing a thong.


• She says words like wiggles. Who talks like that?
• Her sisters don’t think she is ready to settle down. And I just convinced 24 women that I was marriage material, I’m not looking forward to adding two more to that list.
• I don’t like that she’s insecure, like I said she’s smoking hot.
• At times, I think she holds back her emotions. How well do I really know her?
• Kissing her puts my celibacy in danger.

Sean, you have a big decision. You are about to choose your wife for life. You can do this. Best, Sean

Note: The above is fictional. Sean Lowe didn’t actually show us his diary.

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