Holding Grudges Is Still In Style At Rachel Zoe's Office

The Bravo star and stylist doesn't allow interns to speak Nicole Richie and Brad Goreski's names.

Those Who Should Not Be Named
Brad- Goreski-Nicole-Richie- and- Rachel Zoe

It may have be seven years since they split, but celebrity stylist and Bravo star Rachel Zoe is still spitting mad with designer and Fashion Star judge Nicole Richie.

So much so that interns working with the top-selling author and reality star are banned from saying Richie's name while their big boss is around, according to an insider who spoke to Celebuzz.

“Nobody is allowed to mention Nicole Richie’s name - that is a huge no-no for Rachel. She is obviously still upset with her,” the source said.

When the two women parted company in 2006, Richie, 31, infamously dubbed Zoe, 40, a "raisin face" on a blind item posted on her then MySpace blog titled X-Ray.

It read:

"What 35-year-old raisin face whispers her order of 3 pieces of asparagus for dinner at Chateau every night, and hides her deathly disorder by pointing the finger at me, and used her last paycheck I wrote her to pay for a publicist instead of a nutritionist? HINT: Her name is lettucecup …"
But Richie's name isn't the only one banned in the presence of Miss Zoe, because that honor extends to her arch nemesis Brad Goreskitoo.

Zoe’s former assistant – who now stars in his own reality show on Bravo, It’s A Brad Brad World – also supposedly still makes her blood boil.

“Nobody is allowed to say Brad’s name either. His name came up in a conversation once and when Rachel overheard that, she totally winced and walked off,” the insider added.

Mom-of-two, Richie – who ironically has gone on to create her own successful fashion and jewelry line The House Of Harlow – appears as a judge on the new series of NBC’s Fashion Star alongside John Varvatos, Jessica Simpson and Louise Roe, which premiered on Friday.

Do you think Rachel should get over her grudges with Nicole and Brad?

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  • fgmk

    Who calls someone "raisin face!” Nicole Richie is so ghetto...Being a pseudo celeb. obviously doesn’t give you class or dignity, Nicole, but then again we all knew that. As for Brad Goreski or whatever his name is: Brad is a egotistic backstabber who loves money and fame; he is mediocre at best. Obviously, he has no real talent-- he had to ride off the coattails of his mentor to jump start a smoke and mirrors career. Brad’s 15min. of fame have long gone by. I’m sure Rachel will move on; she always seems to choose the high road. But, I think it would be dangerous to forget what sort of parasite Brad is. There is some good news though: If a no talent cry-baby can "style," then just imagine what anyone with some actual fashion sense can do! You just need a lame bowtie and an oversized pair of glasses. Just remember to watch your back!