The 20 Funniest and Strangest Moments from ‘All-Star Celebrity Apprentice’

See the top 20 moments from the premiere of All-Stars
We’re only two episodes into the new season of Celebrity Apprentice, but our compulsive love for the show grows with each passing moment. Tonight, Dee Snider and Omarosa do battle over an interactive fan experience at Orlando’s Universal Studios theme park. Will Dee take home the charity check? Or is Omarosa destined to use her delightful people skills to win the day?

Before we answer, let’s take a look at the 20 zaniest moments from this week’s journey into Trump madness.

1. Donald Trump’s Oompa-Loompa-like appearance.  And not from the slick James Franco version of Oz. The eyebrows and the pinkish hue take us back to the 1939 classic. And it scares us.

2. Dennis Rodman with sunglasses is not a pretty sight.  When the ex-NBA great takes off his shades, it’s not hard to see what he’s been up to: waiting patiently for the icy scythe of death.

3. Too bad the celebs weren’t creating a Michael Jackson Experience.  Because with her sunglasses on LaToya Jackson is a spot on doppelganger for her late brother.

4. Lisa Rinna’s questions are funny.   We’re sure the Universal theme park executives had a good laugh after Rinna asked “do people like to take pictures here?  Is that a popular thing?”  No more so that using the bathrooms and buying Diet Cokes in oversized novelty cups shaped like Minions.

5. Gary Busey does not understand your modern ways.  Seeing him try to figure out the whereabouts of the magical gremlins that live inside a digital camera was like watching an Amish elder use TIVO for the first time.

6. Universal Studios Orlando looks like it is made entirely of paper mache.  Seriously, a brisk wind could blow the entire park 15 miles into the Everglades.

7. Omarosa wants to bring everyone back into the boardroom.  Including the poor union guys who drew the short straw and landed this on-camera gig.

8. Dee Snider referring to Penn Jillette as “Sasquatch” was great.  But watching the Vegas illusionist walk around all day in a $55 souvenir Harry Potter wizard’s hat was even better.

9. Gary Busey IS the Cat in the Hat.  He brought the hat from home.  Guaranteed.

10. It’s Celebrity groping!  No one was safe from a bad touch at the hands of Busey (tickling young patrons), Jackson (wall-tackling them in the Spiderman room) or any of the other celebs crammed into the 3-D photo experience booths with unsuspecting individual. Not young tourists, C-Level marketing executives or random passers-by.

11. Marilu Henner is delightfully weird.  Who knew she had a Rain Man-like condition that gave her the ability to know the day-of-the-week on which you were born.  Why isn’t she travelling from town to town charging two bits a gander so that others may enjoy this hidden talent?

12. The Trump boys matching outfits are A-dorable.  If you didn’t love seeing Eric and Don, Jr. in matching slacks and white shirts then you’re using TV wrong.

13. Busey sadness is the saddest kind of sadness. Watching CB’s reaction to Marilu Henner’s (legit) criticism of him had me choked up like a post-firing Bret Michaels.

14. Can we please stop patronizing Dennis Rodman?  The guy asks the executives one relevant question and The Donald treats him like Ken-freaking-Jennings.

15. Trump’s hair provides filler.  Got a two-hour show to fill, why not bring up your hair and solicit all the celebs for their opinions on said locks.  That’s what makes Trump, Trump.

16. LaToya (and pretty much everyone else) calls BS on Omarosa.  You can’t be a huge jerk, invoke the name of your late fiancé and expect to have a shoulder to cry on.  Good on you LTJ!

17. “Congrats Dee Snider, you lose.”  Geez, Donald – cruel much?

18. Hilarious logic is back!  From the folks who brought you “let’s not fire Brandi Roderick” comes “let’s attack Penn for having a great idea.”  Honestly, this makes no sense.

19. Do not invoke the name of Adam Corolla.  Dee Snider was smart enough to bring actual humans back into the boardroom – and not fall on his sword as Corolla, possible the worst player in Celebrity Apprentice history, did in his season.  This granted Snider an extra five minutes of time on the show.

20. On the bright side, the Twisted Sister reunion tour is back on!  So long, Dee. We hardly knew ye.