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Sarah Spills on 'Bachelor'
The ousted bachelorette talks to CB! about the season.
Anyone watching ABC’s The Bachelor knows who its second biggest star is — next to this season’s main man, Sean Lowe, it was his pecs. The series has never been shy about its bachelors going topless, but Sean’s shirtless moments  took a truly prominent role on this season.

In fact, Lowe has taken his shirt off so often that Celebuzz has decided to look back on the season and analyze those captivating moments. It’s a tough job, we know, but someone had to do it.

Through our extensive research, which included combing through every aired episode of The Bachelor this season, we’ve learned that Sean’s pecs have had approximately 36 minutes and 49 seconds of screen time season — not counting commercials, ABC could pretty much do a one-hour episode of simply shirtless moments. Imagine the ratings for that special.

What else did we learn? Sean takes it off for the camera a total of 17 times. And in Week 8, he bared his pecs eight times, higher than any other week. On average, approximately six percent of the show featured Sean without his shirt.

It all started on Week 1 when ABC served about 45 seconds of Lowe sans shirt — in just the opening segment. In this precious time, we see him working out, playing with his niece and nephew and rock climbing, all shirtless. And that’s just the beginning.

Flip through our gallery above to find out more factoids and figures about Sean’s pec-tacular moments this season.

Did Sean’s pecs steal the show? Weigh in on this very important topic below.

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