Harry Styles’ Newest Tattoo Is His Best Ink Yet, Says Tattooist

Harry Styles' New Pad
Step inside the One Direction singer's new bachelor pad.
With nearly 30 tats and counting, One Direction’s Harry Styles probably won’t give up the ink anytime soon. But one of his tattoo artists says the boy bander’s latest design will be hard to live up to…for now.

“I’ve seen it. It’s actually the best tattoo he has. It’s really well done, other than the ones I’ve done,” his friend and celeb tattoo artist Kevin Paul, who inked “17 Black” on Styles’ chest and “Pingu” on his arm, told Celebuzz.

“It’s the most professional looking piece he’s gotten done. Before, he’s just had squibbles and scratch marks. Nothing really anything good. The butterfly is a proper picture and artwork,” he added, giving kudos to the artist responsible for tatting up the superstar, Liam Sparkes.

But knowing the One Directioner like he does, Paul says the 19-year-old probably didn’t give much thought to the permanent artwork across his stomach.

“I think he’s really indecisive and doesn’t usually know what he wants. He probably saw a picture and came up with it that day,” Paul said.

Styles’ and his band mates have certainly never covered up their love for tattoos, but they took it a bit too far when they put out a Twitter call to fans to send their best 1D artwork to win a possible cameo in their upcoming 3D flick. But the controversial request was quickly removed — a move Paul couldn’t agree with more.

“I think it was really a unprofessional for them to be doing,” he said. “Now, there’s going to be thousands of girls getting tattoos done just so they can get into their movie. It was not a very clever thing to do.”

Taylor Swift’s ex boyfriend actually came under headline fire again earlier this year for reportedly letting one of his friends use a DIY tattoo kit for a new design.

“Everyone just sees that it’s a cool thing to do to be a tattoo artist and the glamorous side,” Paul added.

“I’ve been tattooing for 20 years. But here, it’s easy to set up and buy cheap, crappy equipment that doesn’t meet health and safety requirements,” he said.

“I want to make it a lot harder for people to become tattoo artists and I’m trying to get the law changed, so you get a massive fine without a license. There needs to be a lot more restrictions.”

And the celeb tattooist, who’s also inked BFF Ed Sheeran, wants his famous friend’s help to get the word out.

“Now there’s going to be thousands of girls getting tattoos at home or some really poor shop to do it, it can be dangerous,” he said.

“I think it would be good for Harry to back something like this, because so many young people look up to him.”

Do you think Harry Styles should support tougher tattoo laws? Let us know below.

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