‘Mindy Project’ Cast Names Their Dream Love Interests

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The star and creator talks the FOX comedy, more.
FOX’s The Mindy Project isn’t just about three borderline insane doctors who find themselves in hilarious situations. Deep down it’s about love, right?

And with the news of Chloe Sevigny guest starring as Danny’s (Chris Messina) ex-wife, Celebuzz found out who the rest of the actors would cast as their love interests on the show.

Zoe Jarman. As the slightly naive Betsy, Jarman has yet to have a love interest on the show and she’s ready for one. Zarman told CB! that she isn’t sure who she would cast but she has an idea for his character. “I would love it if she had an older bofriend,” she laughs, “One that’ll shock everyone.”

Ike BarinholtzMorgan gets an A+ for turning his life around from spending some time in prison to somehow landing a job as a nurse. But, he still needs to work on his love life. Barinholtz thinks his character’s perfect match is Susan Sarandon. “I think I could legitimately get her,” he pauses for a second, “Do you have her contact?”

So fans might have to wait a while before Morgan finds a lady love but Barinholtz did tell us that his character will be revisiting his roots. His prison roots, that is. “Coming up, we have an episode where all of us charity work at a prison,” he smiles just thinking about it, “So, you get to see Morgan kind of revert back to his prison world.”

Beth Grant. Beverly isn’t the best nurse ever, but Grant has been promoted to a series regular so we will be seeing more of the grouchy gal. And Grant promises some funny moments. “There’s an episode we’re shooting right now where she talks about past lovers.” You might be wondering who could be interested in Beverly, but Grant will prove you wrong, “Apparently she’s been around the block a couple of times.”

As for who the actress would cast for her man, she’s got a lot of actors in mind, “Mark Wahlberg, Dennis Quaid…,” she thinks for a second, “All the people that have played my sons over the years. I would love to have them be my boyfriends.”

Ed Weeks. This handsome Brit has had fun being the show’s player but fans will see Dr. Jeremy Reed start to settle down. “Actually there’s already a potential love interest with one of Mindy’s old college friends.” he says. Weeks is talking about Maggie (Mary Grill), who fans met when she was in a wheelchair and who earns her living as a gym teacher.

But for future love interests, Weeks has only one person in mind and he’s going for the gold, “Mindy Kaling,” he says confidently. Both characters did casually hook up a few times in the beginning of the series, so we aren’t discounting this theory.

Mindy Kaling. Not only is Kaling the star of the show she is also the creator, writer and producer. So if anyone has power to cast their own love interests, it’s her. But it seems like the problem is narrowing down her choices. “Oh wow. That’s such a long list,” she tells us. She did, however, name three lucky men: Idris Elba, Jonah Hill and Timothy Olyphant. If only we all had the power to cast our own love interests.

The Mindy Project airs Tuesdays at 9:30pm on FOX.

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