Powerful Women In Command (PHOTOS)

Not that long ago, only leading men got to play those in positions of power in the movies or on TV. Needed a President or a Secretary of State?  You called the Jimmy Stewarts or Harrison Fords of the world.

Today, thanks to fantastic scripts and a group of diverse and powerful actresses ranging from Angela Bassett to Geena Davis, these types of roles are open to women as well – and we’re celebrating them in the gallery above.

In the anticipated action blockbuster Olympus Has Fallen, Bassett plays Secret Service Director Lynn Jacobs – the tough-talking, intelligent agent who must spring into action when the Commander in Chief is taken hostage in a White House under siege.

This anticipated new movie features an amazing ensemble cast, including Gerard Butler, Aaron Eckhart, Bassett and Morgan Freeman, bringing the heat to a story that’s riveting not just because of the stars involved, but because it brings to life a real-world scenario that’s not hard to imagine in today’s world.

Olympus Has Fallen opens in theaters everywhere March 22.