Powerful Women In Command (PHOTOS)

Angela Bassett and Geena Davis are just two who have played serious women of power in movies and TV.

Not that long ago, only leading men got to play those in positions of power in the movies or on TV. Needed a President or a Secretary of State?  You called the Jimmy Stewarts or Harrison Fords of the world.

Today, thanks to fantastic scripts and a group of diverse and powerful actresses ranging from Angela Bassett to Geena Davis, these types of roles are open to women as well – and we’re celebrating them in the gallery above.

In the anticipated action blockbuster Olympus Has Fallen, Bassett plays Secret Service Director Lynn Jacobs – the tough-talking, intelligent agent who must spring into action when the Commander in Chief is taken hostage in a White House under siege.

This anticipated new movie features an amazing ensemble cast, including Gerard Butler, Aaron Eckhart, Bassett and Morgan Freeman, bringing the heat to a story that’s riveting not just because of the stars involved, but because it brings to life a real-world scenario that’s not hard to imagine in today’s world.

Olympus Has Fallen opens in theaters everywhere March 22.



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