The Celeb Life: Where The Stars Get Away From It All

Just like us, when the stars need to get away from it all, they pack up and head out on vacation.  Much less like us, when they do so, it’s usually to one of the most exotic or private destinations in the world.

The Celeb Life takes you there, from Costa Rica to the Italian Coast, with a look at how the rich and famous and their families take a break from the demands of stardom.

You’ll tag along with Reese Witherspoon, Miley Cyrus and a host of other stars as they jet off for a little “R&R.” Who knows? Save up enough hard-earned money and these folks might be poolside with you on your next vacation.

Sardina, Italy was the destination of choice for Heidi Klum when she needed to get away from the madness swirling around her split from husband Seal. The crystal-clear waters and private resorts were just the ticket before the model-star returned home to LA and resumed her position as mom and all-around gorgeous celeb.

To see get a glimpse at The Celeb Life, watch our video, above. Then tell us: what’s your dream vacation destination?