What Can Fans Expect From ‘New Girl’?

PaleyFest: 'Mindy Project'
The star and creator talks the FOX comedy, more.
It was more like a laugh fest at the Saban Theater in Beverly Hills as the cast and producers of FOX’s New Girl took over PaleyFest. The panel consisted of inside jokes, awkward moonwalks, poking fun at one another and quirky moments from the beloved Zooey Deschanel and creator Elizabeth Meriwether as they had the whole audience bursting with laughter.

Though the night was full of witty one-liners, there was one thing everyone had on their mind: What’s happening with Jess (Deschanel) and Nick (Jake Johnson)?

After news of the show getting picked up for a third season, it was apparent that the writers had plenty of ideas to keep audiences guessing what will be next for the quirky cast. Yet, at the same time they had no specific plans on what kinds of situations the cast could possibly come across.

“There are some benefits to not plan, sort of do what we want. And do what feels right for that episode that we are working on at that moment. Then, try to push ourselves to go as far as we can and next episode solve the problems that we started. It’s a funny way of doing it but it kind of helps to keep pushing, instead of saying, ‘In this moment, this is going to happen and then this is going to happen,’” creator Meriwether added.

But what we can be sure is that there will be plenty of entertaining plots, a death, an Elvis costume and the cast losing their virginity.

Here’s some inside scoop on what fans can look forward to as season two comes to a wrap.

1. Nick and Jess’ future. With the recent kiss between Jess and Nick, viewers are dying to know what’s next for the two. Will they get together, will they make it work, or will they just forget about it? “I think that they are very good together,” commented Johnson. “I personally don’t know if they are ready to be in a long term relationship. But, I like the fact that they are exploring this dynamic and we’ll see what happens.”

2. Schmidt’s (Max Greenfield) and Cece’s future. Another couple who just can’t seem to decide who they want to be with may have some turn of events. When asked if Cece’s (Hannah Simone) wedding was going to happen, the producers couldn’t help but deflect the question. Though they did add, “With an engagement you would think a wedding might be in the future. The story will continue, we really don’t know.”

3. The death in the family and Elvis. It’ll be a turn of events as the gang heads to Chicago after news of Nick’s father passing away. For the emotional episode, the producers brought in an amazing guest cast with Nick Kroll as Nick’s brother and Margo Martindale playing Nick’s mother as fans get introduced to his big family, who word has it aren’t too fond of Jess. Aside from the upsetting family news, Deschanel channels her inner rocker and dresses up as Elvis Presley.

4. The gang loses their virginity.  Now this might be the next most anticipated episode in our books, as the cast gets a blast from the past and we see how the group all lost their virginity. Written by Meriwether, the episode has Nick as his sixteen-year-old self with braces and Schmidt in his “Fat Schmidt” days. Word has it that he gets “overzealous with some lube” as he is “seen in his dorm room moving through space,” according to Johnson.  It’ll be a fun time for the cast as they spend some extra time in the hair and makeup department this week.

5. Schmidt’s first name. The mystery continues on what could possibly be Schmidt’s first name. Producers Dave Finkel and Brett Baer stated, “We wrote it in an episode and we cut it out. We do have some, two maybe, we’ve been going back and forth.” As for Greenfield and his opinion on what his character’s first name might be, I don’t ever want to know, I think it should be Schmidt forever.” We guess this might be an unsolved mystery for now.

6. Guest stars galore. The rest of the season is sure to bring back some beloved characters as Lamorne Morris who plays Winston alluded to a Justin Long comeback. Aside from Nick’s family members guest starring, we will also see Ellen Albertini Dow, Bill Burr, and Jess’ dad played by Rob Reiner reprising his role on Episode 24. The producers have even thought about introducing Schmidt’s family and exploring the idea with a potential single mother and his relationship with his father. Maybe even a possible spot for Zooey’s sister, Emily Deschanel?

New Girl airs Tuesdays at 9PM on FOX.

What are you most excited to see as the season comes to an end? Are you team Jess and Nick? Tell us your thoughts below!

Are Nick and Jess the new Ross and Rachel? Watch below.

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