Biebs Got To Say Goodbye To His Furry Friend

The furry friend that once belonged to Justin Bieber has passed away, but the pop star got to see the little guy before his untimely death, his one-time owner told Celebuzz.

Some three months after the 19-year-old singer gave his beloved PAC the hamster to Victoria Blair – the lucky superfan who attended the singer’s Jingle Ball show in Atlanta — the tiny pet died of old age just yesterday.

“I woke up and saw that he was losing fur and I took him to the vet,” Blair told Celebuzz. “They checked for malnutrition, but he was fine, he was just old… I didn’t know he was so old and Justin probably didn’t when he got him too.

“I didn’t think there was any other reason because I treated him so well. He was my baby.”

The 18-year-old has reached out to the “Boyfriend” singer’s team via Twitter to inform them of the sad news, but has yet to hear back from Bieber, who’s currently in Spain for his Believe tour.

But Bieber got to say goodbye for the last time in January when PAC was reunited with him after Blair was invited to a meet-and-greet in Birmingham.

“I was introduced as ‘PAC’s mom’ and we talked about PAC. He even told me that PAC bit him twice! He even played with him,” Blair laughed.

Blair, who buried the hamster under a tree in her backyard, had plans to bring PAC to meet Bieber again this summer.

“It’s so sad because I wanted to bring PAC to see Justin in Atlanta in August. And now I can’t.”

Despite PAC’s sudden passing, Blair says his name will live on — her dog is having puppies soon.

“I want to name one after PAC or Justin.”

Have you named your favorite pet after Justin Bieber? Tell us all about it, below.

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