How You Can Get The ‘Veronica Mars’ Movie Made With Just $1

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Veronica Mars fans everywhere are rejoicing.

Six years after the UPN-CW cult hit was cancelled, fans could see the show brought to the big screen. Series creator Rob Thomas and star Kristen Bell launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise $2 million dollars in 30 days. If the goal is reached, Warner Bros. has agreed to distribute the film as well as pay for the marketing and release of the movie.

After just four hours and 24 minutes, the campaign has broken the $1 million dollar barrier — a new Kickstarter record according to the company.

We are fans at Celebuzz, so we wanted to figure out ways that you can help the campaign reach, and even surpass, their goal for just one dollar.

Facebook. The show’s Facebook page, has 297, 673 followers. If each person who likes the Veronica Mars Facebook page donated about two dollars, the campaign would have almost $600,000 dollars and we would have a movie.

Twitter. Bell has 981, 234 followers on her Twitter account, (@IMKristenBell), and creator Thomas has 8, 440 on his account, (@RobThomas). If each of those followers donated a singular George Washington from they could raise $989,674, Warner Bros. would have money to spare.

Viewers. While Veronica Mars was on the air it never received great ratings, but the numbers work in their favor for our calculations. On average, per episode, the show would receive 2.5 million viewers. If every one of those fans donated a buck to the Kickstarter they would not only single-handedly achieve the goal but effectively more than double our fundraising plan.

So if we combined all three fan groups above, our dollar-per-person plan would reach $3,787,347. That total is $1,787,347 more than the set goal needed to make the movie. But at the rate that donations are coming in we could have a Veronica Mars movie announcement before dinner.

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