Listen to Selena Gomez’s New Single ‘Rule The World’

Selena Goes Pantless
See Gomez pump gas...without pants?
Selena's Racy Role
Selena Gomez issues warning to fans about 'Spring Breakers.'
Selena Gomez is taking over the world… that is, according to her newest song.

The first track, “Rule The World,” off the singer’s fourth studio album is out today and ready to rule the charts.

The sure-fire hit is the perfect anthem for the break-up blues — so did Gomez channel her off-again relationship with Justin Bieber to come up with the catchy tune?

“Our love was made to rule the world/You came and broke the perfect girl/Forget you ever knew my name,” Gomez sings.

The 20-year-old recently revealed that a “big turn” in her life occurred during recording, which moved the album in a new direction… for the better.

“I think for me it was actually interesting to see that towards the middle of me recording my record, a big turn happened to me and it was incredible to see how I applied that to music because I’ve never done that before and it’s great,” she told MTV News.

The Spring Breakers star, 20, was spotted filming the music video in Los Angeles last week, channeling a retro glam look — even flaunting her enviable figure in racy ensembles.

Eat your heart out, Biebs.



Listen to Gomez’s single “Rule the World” and tell Celebuzz what you think of the tune, below.

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