Look: Miranda Kerr Steps Out Wearing Neck Brace After Car Crash

The gorgeous supermodel was reportedly involved in a smash on Monday in Los Angeles.

Miranda Kerr was photographed wearing a neck brace on Tuesday, reportedly after the Victoria's Secret Angel was involved in a car crash in Los Angeles.

Sky News says the incident occurred on Monday, when a car rammed into a vehicle holding Kerr and her assistant.

"She is in a lot of pain, but really we are just glad it was not more serious," a spokesperson for Kerr told Sky News on Wednesday.

The report adds the driver who caused the crash was arrested and may face charges of reckless driving.

Meanwhile, The Sun is reporting that Kerr -- who is married to actor Orlando Bloom -- was treated by medics and given an MRI scan. Her injuries are not said to be serious.

In the meantime, Kerr did her best to hide her neck brace from the paparazzi by wrapping a decorative scarf on top.

See photos of Kerr post-crash in the gallery, above.



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  • I Know...Right
    I Know...Right

    Hey, I believe that Melissa. Daddy duping is big in Hollyweird. Jay Lyons is actually the father of Miranda Kerr's kid Flynn. Let's face it, celebrities have the public believe one thing and behind closed doors it's something entirely different. Whatever sells magazines, right. Shemar Moore is totally hot and it would be more believable that Kim would be in a relationship with him then Kanye. Just like, Bloom didn't mind having Kerr's ex dead boyfriend's name on his kid, because it's not really his kid. Hollywood professional pairings can be profitable for some and career crushing for others. So sad. So Hollyweird.

  • Melissa

    Rumor has it that, Kanye is not Kim's baby but guess who, Shemar Moore heartthrob. Shemar Moore is the baby daddy of Kim Kardashian's unborn daughter. They say the unborn child has down syndrome.