The Real Reason to See ‘Spring Breakers’

Selena Goes Pantless
See Gomez pump gas...without pants?
Spring Breakers, the much-anticipated, R-rated drama starring Vanessa Hudgens and Selena Gomez, finally hits theaters on Friday.

Those who regularly follow Celebuzz will know that the movie, about a group of girls whose spring break trip goes horribly wrong, features a lot of things.

Among the many: robberies; swearing; and James Franco doing his best impersonation of Kevin Federline.

But the real reason to see the movie, of course, has more to do with its female leads, who based on the trailer and on-set photos spend much of the story parading around in bikinis.

Whether that happens for the entire duration is unlikely — but there were still enough bikini-clad moments for us to compile a gallery.

Check out the best moments in our epic Spring Breakers bikini gallery, above.