The Show Must Go On… Without Nicki Minaj

When We Loved 'Idol'
We look back on the FOX show's good ol' days.
Ryan Seacrest kept the show rolling on Wednesday when it became clear that rapper and judge Nicki Minaj hadn’t made it to the American Idol live show in Los Angeles on time.

After remaining judges Mariah Carey, Randy Jackson and Keith Urban took their seats, Seacrest asked the crowd to keep their excitement up for three of the four judges that made it to the Top 10 performance on schedule at 8PM ET.

“I hear she’s seven minutes out and there’s some congestion on the 405,” Seacrest explained.

Minaj confirmed that on Twitter:

The rapper ended up missing the show’s first performer, Curtis Finch, Jr., arriving during the commercial break wearing a hoodie and sunglasses before country singer Janelle Arthur’s performance.

According to Celebuzz’s reporter at the live show, Minaj spoke to a nervous looking Seacrest and executive producer Nigel Lythgoe upon arriving — she was seen repeatedly saying, “No.” And no one on the panel greeted her when she arrived. It would take three songs before she’d speak to anyone, breaking her silence first with Urban. Yet even an hour later, she and Carey still had not spoken to each other.

Twitter erupted with reactions to Minaj’s late arrival:

@buckhollywood: “Nice of Nicki Minaj to show up on time for her multi-million dollar a year, 3 hour a week job. #idol”

@MargaretDeason: “Nicki Minaj isn’t on American Idol tonight. So basically why am I even watching?”

@benwgarrett: “If Nicki Minaj had left those ridiculous looking sunglasses at home she might have been on time. #Idol”

@ChelseaChauchi: “Wow Nicki Minaj is so unprofessional. Get off my television.”

How do you feel about Minaj’s tardiness? Sound off below.

Cortney Wills and Joel David contributed to this report.

Watch the judges give Charlie Askew a hard time below.

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