What Did You Have To Say About This Week’s Hottest TV Shows?

TV Recap: Fan Edition
What did you have to say about last week's hottest TV shows?
Everybody knows it: the best way to watch TV is with friends and loved ones. Sure, watching by yourself is fine — especially if you can’t be bothered to put on pants — but the truly fun part is the conversation you have after the show has ended.

Knowing this, Celebuzz encourages you to chat with us every week after you’ve watched your favorite shows. We recap the hottest TV shows currently on the air, and then, as friends do, you chime in with your thoughts.

We’ve compiled a few of our favorite TV-centric comments made during the last week. If you would like to be featured next week, simply leave a comment on any of our TV recap posts.

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Without further delay, let’s get this week’s edition of TV Recap: Fan Edition under way!

Don, Lord of the Kourtney and Kim Take Miami Kommenters, had this to say about the most recent episode of #KKTM:

“Scott is a total rich a** jerk that needs a real “a** woopin”…what is this LORD he thinks he is….HE BROUGHT THAT TITLE…he is a lord alright…A jerk lord !!” -

MBoomer and Jillian Bowe exchanged words about this week’s Real Housewives of Beverly Hills:

“My goodness, Yolanda is so full of herself! Why doing the photos with her husband on tv? We know she was a model but still do you have to do that on tv. SHe does have a nice figure but her face!!!!!!!. Personally I see some everyday women with a better looking face than her. WHy did she do that show in the first place?? He is worth $500M unless it was just about her to show who she was. I don’t know ……….uncouth from her! MB” – MBoomer

“Why shouldn’t she do it on TV? They asked and she complied, it just so happens to be at the same time she was filming. Other ladies have done the same in the past so, what’s the big deal?” – Jillian Bowe

Dale laid into American Idol host Nicki Minaj:

“nicki was a monster to Charlie. it felt like watching a schoolyard bully pick on some kid for looking different and not staying kiddy looking for her pleasure (making it about herself) and all that negativity that had nothing to do with singing – “I don’t want to see your arms!” “your ponytail” “your earring” – just wow – and this coming from a lady who wears huge wigs, big eyelashes, and a pound of makeup to create an exaggerated look.

this is a singing competition – and she ignored his alternative prog-rock vocal of Genesis’ Mama. I thought it was a solid “B”, especially better as it went on, and he looked fine, like a young rock star in the making, cute even.

But, ms Minaj needs to apologize to ALL the men for constantly either sexualizing or emasculating them! She’s terrifyingly crude, and has been every night (“I like your boobs”, she said to another contestant on live TV the night before, and essentially clamoring for the sperm of another contestant that she said she wanted to have babies with).

IDOL make her apologize to all of us, especially Charlie. (good job Ryan, btw!)”

But Nana to 7 grandkids kept it positive:

“I am a 65 yr old Nana and I have replayed ‘Mama’ many times…..and I loved it!!! I also heard Genisus sing it and I liked Charley’s rendition better. so there!!!!”

And that is absolutely all we have time for today, Celebuzzers.

Thank you all for contributing!

Remember, if you would like your thoughts featured in next week’s TV Recap: Fan Edition, simply leave comments on your favorite TV recap posts. See you next week!

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