10 Gosling Transformations

Gosling's Work Out
See the hunk leaving the gym...barefoot
RyGos Through the Years
The style evolution of Ryan Gosling!
It’s no secret that Ryan Gosling is easy on the eyes.

He made fans swoon in Crazy Stupid Love (his abs had a lot to do with it), stopped hearts in The Notebook and made a bad teacher look good in Half Nelson.

In his next picture, Derek Cianfrance’s The Place Beyond The Pines, Gosling plays a motorcycle-loving guy who robs banks in order to provide for his family. His character, Luke, has bleached blond hair and has more tattoos than the One Direction boys combined.

“All the tattoos I wear in the movie — I don’t know how necessary they are, but they were a part of trying to understand this character,” Gosling, 32, told Movieline last September.

“For instance, with the face tattoo that I wear in the movie, it was the last one applied, and I felt like it was too much when it came down to it . . . it’s just going to be distracting, and I think I’ve gone too far. And Derek said, ‘That’s what happened when you get a face tattoo. That’s how you feel. And now you’re stuck with it.’”

In honor of the Canadian actor’s blond locks and fake ink in The Place Beyond The Pines, out Mar. 29, here are some of Gosling’s biggest on screen transformations.

Here’s a young RyGos as Young Hercules in the late ‘90s. The show lasted one season.

Fox Kids Network/Studios USA


Gosling shaved his head to play Daniel, a Neo-Nazi in the 2001 film The Believer.

Seven Arts Pictures

He made orange look cool in 2003’s The United States of Leland.

Paramount Classics

“If you’re a bird, I’m a bird.”

New Line Cinema

RyGos taught us all a lesson about drugs in Half Nelson (2006).


It was hard to not love Lars, despite his blow-up doll girlfriend.


Valentine gave us an idea of what RyGos would look like as a dad …

The Weinstein Company

… while Crazy, Stupid, Love. gave us an idea of he would look like in the nude.

Warner Bros.

Here’s RyGos as a gangster in this year’s Gangster Squad.

Warner Bros.

And finally, Gosling and all those tattoos in The Place Beyond The Pines.

Focus Features

What’s your favorite Ryan Gosling movie? Are you looking forward to The Place Beyond the Pines? Weigh in below.

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