‘American Idol’ Results Recap: A Surprising First Top 10 Cut

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American Idol held its first live results show of the season Thursday night, and America’s vote left some of us shocked to say the least.

Note: Spoilers if you didn’t watch Thursday’s results episode.

The FOX show sent Curtis Finch, Jr. packing. I was certain it would be Devin Velez who says “goodbye,” but he finished ninth.

Judges, Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj are especially disappointed in America’s vote. When Curtis and Devin landed in the bottom two, Nicki made an empty threat, “Come on, America… If Curtis goes home, I’m going home.” Maybe, she should just focus on being on time — which she was… on Thursday.

After host, Ryan Seacrest, delivers the bad news he presents a silver lining. The judges can use their one “save” of the season to keep Curtis around, but only if they all agree. The soulful singer performs R. Kelly’s “I Believe I Can Fly” in one final attempt to win them over.

“We are not unanimous, unfortunately,” says Randy Jackson. WHAT?! I can’t believe his time is up. He is such a bright light in the bunch. Nicki is upset, saying “I don’t think we had a real discussion about it, but I know there’s a live show.”

Keith Urban is kinda quiet, making me think he might have been the bad guy on the panel.

Mariah is equally miffed. “I’m completely shocked,” she says. “This entire situation has been about Curtis, in a lot of ways, for me.”

Before Curtis got cut, Season 11 winner, Philip Phllips returned to the Idolstage to perform his latest single, “Gone Gone Gone,” He also receives a quadruple platinum plaque from Randy for his “Home” sales success.

Charlie Askew hits the stage in an attempt to claim a spot on the post-season Idols Live! Tour. He plays the piano during his original song, “Sky Blue Diamond.” It’s much better than his season-ending shriek-fest. The kid really took a beating at his elimination, so I’m hoping he comes out on top. He’s battling the beautiful Aubrey Cleland, who chooses “Out Here On My Own.”

Guest performer, Bon Jovi sings “Because We Can” and the Top 10 sang a super corny song, “Shine Your Way,” from the film, The Croods, before getting down to the results.

Aside from Curtis’ early dismissal, the rest of America’s picks turn out to be pretty predictable.

The amazingly talented Candice Glover takes the No. 1 spot, with Kree Harrison and Angie Millerright behind her.

All three of the ladies are obvious frontrunners, and their standout performances on Wednesday night paid off. The rest of the list is no real shocker either.

Lazaro Arbos and Amber Holcomb are next in line, rounding out the Top 5. I’m relieved that the country wasn’t too hard on Laz, who had his first underwhelming performance of the season, Wednesday. His rendition of “ Breakaway” had me nervous.

Amber killed her performance of “A Moment Like This,” which made me think she could certainly see the Top 5. I’m glad America is rooting for her too. Here are the Top 9 results rundown.

1. Candice Glover
2. Kree Harrison
3. Angie Miller
4. Lazaros Arbos
5. Amber Holcomb
6. Janelle Arthur
7. Burnell Taylor
8. Paul Jolley
9. Devin Velez

What do you think of Curtis’ elimination? Did America get it right?

Watch Kree’s Top 10 performance again below.

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