Celebrities in Bikinis: Guess Who?

Can you match these bikini bodies to the celebrity?

How well do you know your celebrity bikini bodies?

Today, we're putting Celebuzz readers to the test by having them see whether they can match the bikini -- and, in some cases, the body part -- to the celebrity.

Is that Kelly Ripa -- or is it Coco?

Test your knowledge of 60 (yes, 60) celebrity bikini bodies in the gallery, above.



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  • harmon green
    harmon green

    Thorn of Girl... Excellent details may be found on this web web site....

  • princesssara

    Its Coco

  • crack attiack
    crack attiack

    She is thin but not in good shape. No muscle tone. Thats why her ass looks like two floppy pancakes.

  • Anders Maqe
    Anders Maqe

    That my grand mamĀ“s

  • Krejaton

    I feel like a dirty old man every time I see her. Her sex appeal is WAY off the charts.

  • juley

    i thought that it's rihanna's body...................