Ryan And Julianne Jewelry Heist!

Julianne & Ryan's Vacation
Julianne Hough and Ryan Seacrest travel to Mexico.
Julianne & Ryan: PDA!
The cute couple gets close.
Though Julianne Hough was no doubt pleasantly surprised when beau Ryan Seacrest gifted her $100,000 worth of jewelry, she was in for a bigger shock when a thief had broken into her car and made away with her expensive baubles.

While visiting a friend in Hollywood last Friday night, the 24-year-old had left the pricey gifts in her parked Mercedes outside her pal’s apartment complex.

According to TMZ, Hough returned to a completely ransacked car with the driver’s door wide open. The six-figure treasures, which included a $50,000 watch, were gone.

The website reports that that there were no visible signs of forced entry.

Though Hough’s week continued to get a little worse as the Safe Haven actress underwent root canal surgery on Wednesday.

“After my apicoectomy root canal surgery last night! I’ve got chipmunk cheeks and Botox looking lips,” she tweeted alongside a photo of her swollen face.

“But I did get a tinker bell band aid! They know the way to make me feel better!”

Would you ever leave $100,000 in jewelry in your car? Tell us how you really feel, below.

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