Star Survey: Ellen Hollman Has A Crush On Kate Beckinsale

'Spartacus' Ellen Hollman
The actress talks Saxa's greatest pleasures.
First, we put Snooki to the test. Now, Ellen Hollman is getting her chance to reveal all in the Celebuzz Star Survey.

Starz’s Spartacus star was more than kind enough to answer more than 20 questions about her life as a celebrity — everything from her first to current celebrity crush, to her morning routine and the last time she yelled. (Hint: It had to do with some illegal activity.)

Have a look at her honest, often hilarious, answers, below.

MY FIRST CELEBRITY CRUSH WAS … Leonardo DiCaprio in Romeo and Juliet… until he kicked the bucket of course. Teen angst is not an attractive quality.

MY CURRENT CELEBRITY CRUSH IS … Kate Beckinsale. Have you seen Underworld?!

THE MOST ROMANTIC THING MY SIGNIFICANT OTHER EVER DID FOR ME WAS … Deal with seven months of long distance — literally separate hemispheres away from each other. That’s more commitment than adopting a three-legged pitbull with a weak bladder and a temper problem.

IF I COULD HAVE X NUMBER OF KIDS I WOULD HAVE … Two. If I had three, then there would be an uneven number in our family on the Disney World rides.

WHEN I’M 90, I WANT TO BE … Able to tell my grandchildren their Nana was a ferocious German warrior who kicked major ass. I’ll leave the swearing and kissing girls part out of it though, I think.

THE LAST MOVIE I CRIED DURING WAS … The Breaking Dawn premiere. I’ll never get those two hours of my life back.

MY WORST CELEBRITY ENCOUNTER WAS WITH … Paris Hilton. Google that s***.

THE WORST MOVIE I EVER ACTED IN WAS … A surfing film in Costa Rica. Half the production team quit weeks before wrap. The actors literally grabbed walkies and tried to finish it.

MY GO-TO MOVIE SNACK IS … Popcorn with delicious, artery clogging melted butter. You just have to.

THE FIRST CD I EVER BOUGHT WAS … Ace of Base. They could’ve ruled the world if they wanted to.

THE MOST-PLAYED SONG ON MY iTUNES IS … Anything classical, actually. My father is a violinist and my mother a pianist, so it’s in my genetic code.

MY GO-TO KARAOKE SONG IS … “Bitch” by Meredith Brooks. Yup, and I’m good at it.

IN HIGH SCHOOL I WAS … The first-ever President of Peer Mediation, a student-to-student council program. Any student on the verge of suspension or expulsion could have their “sentence” minimized if they learned to play nice with others with our guidance. They still have the program intact to this day.

THE ONE PART I AUDITIONED FOR THAT I WISH I HAD GOTTEN WAS … Wonder Woman. They keep screwing it up! Someone needs to step in and actually make a female superhero with an interesting personality.

MY BIGGEST GUILTY PLEASURE IS … Hummus and red wine. I would bathe in them if I could.

MY BIGGEST CELEBRITY PET-PEEVE IS … Anyone who becomes a narcissistic, self-centered, entitled diva. They should be slapped in public repeatedly.

THE LAST TIME I GOT INTO TROUBLE WAS … When I drove my car backwards and reversed into a parking spot. Apparently that’s not legal?

THE LAST TIME I YELLED WAS …When I got busted for driving my car backwards and reversed into a parking spot and was told it wasn’t legal.

RIGHT NOW, I AM OBSESSED WITH … Breaking Bad. The Walking Dead gives me nightmares.

I HATE IT WHEN THE PAPARAZZI … Yells at you. Some of them literally yell at you like you’re a monkey with a tambourine.

WHEN I PIG OUT, I EAT … Pad Thai. At least there are vegetables in it, right?

THE LAST PERSON I KISSED WAS … My honny, whom I just kissed right now in order to answer this question.

MY MORNING ROUTINE INVOLVED … After copious amounts of coffee, I fastened new hardware on a desk I just sanded and painted then nailed some candle holders to a wall. Us Midwestern girls like to roll up those pesky sleeves and break a sweat in the AM.

Spartacus airs Fridays at 9PM on Starz.

Watch our recent chat with Hollman below.

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