Watch: A Cure For Changnesia?

'Community' at PaleyFest
Jeff's dad? Puppets? And five-year seniors?
Chang (Ken Jeong) found his way back to Greendale, but he wasn’t quite the guy he used to be – thank goodness. So, why is the crew trying to bring him back?

Well, Jeff (Joel McHale) isn’t quite onboard with the plan. In our exclusive clip from Thursday’s episode, Jeff walks in on the study group’s grassroots campaign to cure Changnesia. Evil dictator or not, Chang Kevin is sorta, kinda part of the gang, we guess…

Here’s NBC’s official description for “Advanced Documentary Filmmaking.”

As the campus strives to get to the bottom of Chang’s (Jeong) memory loss, Dean Pelton (Jim Rash) enlists the group to help secure a grant for further medical research and Abed (Danny Pudi) films the activities for a documentary. Jeff (McHale), however, suspects there is more to Chang’s memory loss than meets the eye.

Watch our exclusive preview above.

Community airs Thursdays at 8PM on NBC.

Should they try to cure Changnesia?

Revisit Jeff’s awk-ward family Thanksgiving below.

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