The Celeb Life: How The Stars Get In Shape

Learn more workout secrets of the stars
Why do the stars need to stay in the absolute best shape? Because it’s their business.

In this episode of The Celeb Life, we focus on what celerities do to get super-fit for an upcoming role. From strict diet changes that would make most folks shiver in fear, to workout routines that would make a military drill instructor proud, these are the tough ways that keep Hollywood looking great.

Channing Tatum, for one, had to make some strict diet changes to go along with his workout regimen when it came time to get ready for Magic Mike. With a sequel just around the corner, you’d imagine he’s doing even more to achieve a striptease-worthy bod.

Kate Hudson stunned Glee fans with her killer abs when she appeared as a guest star on the musical TV hit. But her amazing tummy was no accident – it was the result of some seriously hard work in the gym that included heavy carido and pilates three times a week.

Some stars don’t need a big upcoming part to get motivated for fitness. When Kim Kardashian announced she was pregnant, she immediately turned to her personal trainer who helped develop specialized workout and diet plans for each individual month of her pregnancy.

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